Scope Of Services

 Human Resources Development

 Human resource development in construction industry, procurement of works and goods, construction supervision and quality control;
Procurement Management
Management of procurement of services, construction equipment and materials, essential drugs and family planning commodities; 
Management of Public/Private Works
Planning, monitoring, evaluation and operational management of public/private works such as water supply and sanitation, irrigation, road and bridges, transport, building, hydropower, hospitals and other health facilities;
Institutional Management Support
Management support to contractors for institutional strengthening and development of construction industry;

 Healthcare Systems & Public Health

Needs assessment of the Health Care Delivery System
Policy, programme planning and implementation
vironmental Health, Nutrition, Rational Use of Drugs, Communicable and non-communicable diseases including TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS)
Health care management 
Human resource development
Health financing
Operational research on health care delivery system

Procurement and Logistics

For medical equipment, drugs, contraceptives and consumables

Tender preparation 
Specification tender
Quality Assurance
Inspection (pre and post-shipment)
Evaluation and contract establishment
Monitoring of supply storage and distribution  

Facility Planning & Engineering

Project Preparation (feasibility studies, demand evaluation, economic evaluation)
Facility Planning, master-planning, functional planning
Design and engineering
Equipment planning
Information technology planning

Health Care Systems & Public Health Planning 

Policy, programme planning and monitoring for primary health care and the health care delivery system. Development and implementation of projects related to reproductive health as well as maternal and child health, including HIV/AIDS prevention.

Project Development 

The scope for project development includes feasibility studies, market analyses and establishment of business plans for new or facilities to be renovated or upgraded. MEH Consultants is offering services related to assessment of operation and develops plan to improve hospital operation, and financial resources

Facility Planning & Engineering

Supported by in-house data banks MEH Consultants offers a complete hospital planning system comprising of functional planning, standard development for design and engineering. Our comprehensive medical equipment planning system includes development of room-by-room equipment list, loaded drawings, equipment specifications and detailed costing.   

Information Technology

As an independent consultant MEH Consultants has extensive expertise in the development of different level of hospital information systems, which includes system development, technical specification, tendering and tender evaluation as well as project management for implementation. Our staff is experienced in business process engineering, customization and change management